“This is better than junk food.”

The first graders celebrated their last class in the garden by harvesting kale, lettuce, fava bean leaves, borage flowers, and kale flowers to make a garden salad. Students expertly picked leaves without ripping the entire plant from the ground (most times…) and tore the leaves into bite-sized pieces. The salad was dressed with rice vinegar, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil. Overall, students enjoyed the salad and proclaimed that it was better than junk food (a perfect way to end the year). 
sp.15.wk20.6The second graders concluded their states of matter unit by eating a treat with all three state of matter in one cup – a root beer float! IMG_2008The third graders celebrated their last garden class by holding the chickens and creating nature art. Students delicately held the chickens and fed them sorrel and grasses. A few third graders found discarded rhubarb leaves and fashioned garden hats.sp15.wk20.2The fifth graders rolled out their pizza dough, topped it with cheese, and minced garlic, and herbs. Their chef skills have grown over the past few months and they can be trusted with sharp chef knives. sp15.wk20.5The kindergarteners  and Ms. Riley’s class constructed fairy houses and made green garden smoothies! Students harvested kale, chard, and sorrel. The leaves transformed the pink smoothie (orange juice, bananas, and strawberries) into a greenish drink. sp15.wk.20.1Ms. Romo’s class made a simple veggie stir-fry that required much chopping and harvesting. sp15.20.4The last week of school and the last week of garden for kindergartners is next week! Summer is coming and so is a new person to take over the garden. Keep your ears open for updates about the new Education Outside Corps member.


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