“Oh, so you’re a hunter.”

This week the first graders furthered their understanding of teeth by examining skulls. Students examined the teeth of five different animals, recorded the teeth they observed, and made predictions about what food the animals would eat. The skulls came from the Daly Ralston Resource Center not, to the disappointment of one first grader, my hunting skills. sp15.wk18.4The kindergartners drew snails in the garden. Students scientifically illustrated their creature and drew exactly what they saw – capturing shell patterns and slimy tentacles. One snail took a ride on the back of Mr. Snail, our new class mascot. sp15.wk18.1The second graders hunted for solids, liquids, and gases in the garden. Using their scientific skills, students organized their notes in the way that was most logical to them. Having mastered the identification of the three states of matter, students were presented with a mysterious substance. After much deliberation, students determined they goop was both a solid and a liquid! It was oobleck, a non-newtonian fluid. sp15.wk18.3The third graders finished their cooking unit by rolling out and cooking fresh pasta in the garden! Using brute force, our chefs used rolling pins and their hands to stretch pasta dough and then used their knife skills to slice the dough into fettuccine. sp15.wk18.6The fifth graders continued their cooking unit by making fried rice. They utilized their dicing and mincing skills to prepare ingredients. Students also had the privilege of eating (very tiny) eggs from the chickens. sp15.wk18.2Ms. Romo and Ms. Riley’s classes cooked in the garden! Ms. Romo’s class chopped vegetables and made pasta with red sauce, while Ms. Riley’s class made vegetable stir-fry and harvested strawberries. sp15.wk18.5

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