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“Insert shrieks of excitement here.”

The last week of the school year was filled with kindergartners holding chickens, building fairy houses, and laughing outside.Ms. Riley’s class visited the worms, planted corn and pumpkins, and held the chickens for their last visit to the garden.  Over … Continue reading

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“This is better than junk food.”

The first graders celebrated their last class in the garden by harvesting kale, lettuce, fava bean leaves, borage flowers, and kale flowers to make a garden salad. Students expertly picked leaves without ripping the entire plant from the ground (most times…) … Continue reading

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“You can’t want the dough. You knead it.”

The fifth graders made herbed pizza dough in preparation for making pizza next week. They harvested rosemary, oregano, and chives and  measured, minced, and kneaded the dough (while simultaneously making puns).  The kindergartners discussed what organisms need from their habitats … Continue reading

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“Oh, so you’re a hunter.”

This week the first graders furthered their understanding of teeth by examining skulls. Students examined the teeth of five different animals, recorded the teeth they observed, and made predictions about what food the animals would eat. The skulls came from the … Continue reading

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