“I’m using only my molars.”

The first graders explored their teeth this week. Students learned the functions of incisors, canines, bicuspids, and molars and tested their teeth by chomping on some snacks. Students recorded the teeth that they used and shared their discoveries with their neighbor. Upon finishing their snacks, students constructed fairy houses. sp15.wk17.6The second graders began discussing solids, liquids, and gases. After playing a game about the three states of matter, students observed raisins in a cup of club soda. The gas bubbles in the club soda adhere to the (solid) raisin and cause the raisin to float and then sink when the bubbles pop. Students recorded their observations and explained why this phenomenon occurred. sp.15.wk17.7The third graders harnessed their Italian cooking skills and made pasta dough. Students measured, whisked, and kneaded their dough. Next week, students will roll out the dough and slice it into fettuccine. sp15.wk17.1The fourth graders learned about rocks and mining. One class, under their guidance of their classroom teacher, sang the rock cycle song and then observed and scientifically illustrated rocks. The other fourth grade class (using cookies baked by Ms. Threlfall) were given the task of mining the chocolate chips and garbanzo beans (they were cookies with a twist) without destroying the integrity of the cookie. Students concluded that mining, both in baked goods and our environment, can be destructive. sp15.wk17.4sp15.wk17.2The fifth graders (and Ms. Riley’s class) made garden spring rolls. The dipping sauce was a hit.  sp15.wk17.3The kindergartners began their observation of snails! Students learned the parts of a snail and examined the movement, shape, and ever interesting tentacles. At the end of each class, the students celebrated their snail knowledge by learning the snail handshake (pictured bottom right). sp15.wk17.5

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