“This is the best yet.”

The third graders put their chef skills to use and made fried rice! Students chopped, diced, and minced ingredients. They discussed why certain ingredients are added to the pan earlier than others, properly organized the ingredients in their cooking order, and used the stove to cook. Many students regarded this as the best recipe to date.sp15.wk16.2The fifth graders continued their cooking unit by making black bean salsa. Students reviewed the sizes of diced and minced ingredients. They successfully used sharp knives and created delicious salsa. Students celebrated earth day by coloring the earth and listing the reasons they appreciate our planet. Stop by our board in the hallway and take in how much Miraloma students love the earth. sp15.wk16.7The first graders continued their study of plants by dissecting a seed. Our botanists found the plant embryo, the food storage, and the seed coat. Upon finishing their dissection, students created fairy houses. sp15.wk16.9The kindergartners celebrated earth day by creating garden bling and sharing why they love the earth. Students used flowers, leaves, sticks, and masking tape to create natural fashion statements. sp15.wk16.5The second graders observed the growth of their radish seeds and celebrated earth day by planting succulents, making garden bling, or roasting carrots and broccoli! In addition, Ms. Riley’s class assisted in watering the garden and Ms. Romo’s class made another delicious garden treat – oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. sp15.wk.16.8Thanks to all the of participants in Bike and Roll to School Day last week! We moved en masse and transported ourselves to school.sp15.wk16.3The fifth grade Girl Scouts spent their Thursday afternoon in the garden and made succulent gardens. Students took plant cuttings and used googly eyes to add character to their creations. sp.15.wk16.1

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1 Response to “This is the best yet.”

  1. Patty says:

    WOW!!! Look at all the wonderful happenings! Applause for all your hard work as well!

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