“The corn adds a bit of sweetness to the salsa.”

The kindergartner entomologists searched in the garden for creatures. Students found a range of animals – from insects to non-insects. They searched under logs, in plants, and in the soil for an living thing. After collecting, students categorized their discoveries as insects or non-insects.sp15.wk15.7The first graders either began or examined their plant part planting experiment. Students also planted (and spread aged chicken manure while protesting loudly) and built fairy houses. Students strengthened their motor skills by carrying rocks, sticks, and bricks. They created fairy houses, hotels, canopy beds, and a fairy landing pad (because, as we all know, fairies fly and need a place to land, just like helicopters).

sp15.wk15.4The second graders examined their decomposition experiment after one week. There were cries of disgust upon examining the moldy banana and apple. From there, students discussed the necessity of seeds and planted a variety of seeds in the garden.

sp15.15.6The third graders practiced their knife skills by dicing and mincing ingredients for black bean salsa. To perfect their knife skills, the chefs practice cutting fava bean leaves. Once they mastered the size of their dices (about the size of a bean) and minces (about the size of a grain of rice), students minced cilantro and green onions and diced tomatoes.


The fifth graders followed in the footsteps of the third graders and made stovetop granola.sp15.wk15.3Ms. Romo’s class made delicious black bean soup and Ms. Riley’s class also made granola!


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