“My insect has an insect on it!”

This weeks the kindergartners flew into the study of insects by making edible bugs. Students used a variety of ingredients to create accurate insects that contained a head, thorax, abdomen, six legs, and two antennae. Wings were optional. After sharing their insect with their classmates (and after it was drizzled with honey), students voraciously consumed their bugs.sp14.wk14.4The first graders either planted potatoes, set up a plant part science experiment, or observed worms on the rainy Tuesday. For the experiment our scientists took three parts of a carrot –  root, a stem and a root, or stem and leaves – and made predictions about plant growth and planted them in the soil. sp15.wk14.1 The second graders began a decomposition experiment. Students observed five different objects and predicted how they will change over time. To celebrate the rain (and the poor drainage of the garden pavement), students created boats that sailed across the massive puddles.sp15.wk14.2The third graders continued their cooking unit by honing their knife skills. Students practiced using the claw (to protect their fingers) and the bridge (to hold food steady while it is being chopped). The chefs used sharp knives (as well as butter knives and a giant lettuce knife) to prepare a fruit saladsp15.wk.14.3Ms. Linder’s fourth graders completed an architectural engineering challenge. Using trays of jello, 60 toothpicks, and 60 marshmallows, her students created earthquake proof structures. Students designed their blueprints in class and then created their slightly sticky three dimensional structures. This STEAM* projects was implemented by Ms. Linder – I provide the space and she charged ahead. sp15.wk14.5The fifth graders and Ms. Riley’s class both cooked! The fifth graders made honey yogurt dip and Ms. Riley’s class made miso soup. sp15.wk14.6*STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math.


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