“My stem has all these little lines inside…”

The fifth graders furthered their understanding of vascular plants with a stem exploration. Students closely examined celery that had sat in food coloring. The students peeled back the layers of plant cells to discover the colored plant xylem. After their stem dissection, students forayed into the garden to collect flowers to create necklaces, bracelets, and crowns from flowers (otherwise known as flower bling).sp15.wk13.4The kindergartners took their understanding of natural resources to the garden! Students brainstormed natural resources that can be found in the garden and then created structures using those materials. These architects constructed restaurants, airships, fairy houses, and bug traps. sp15.wk13.3The first graders revisited their celery experiment to find the same results as the fifth graders! In addition, they observed the growth of the garlic bulb and planted tubers – a modified stem. sp15.wk13.1The second graders either chopped and harvested their way to a delicious salad or helped beautify the garden with a garden work party. During the free explore station at the work party, some students created a drum set and played rhythmic garden jams. sp15.wk13.6The third graders honed their measuring skills and made stovetop granola in the garden. The chefs carefully measuring, stirred, and did not burn (!!) their granola. The students also wrote recipe reviews for the previous week’s honey-yogurt dip.sp15.wk13.2Ms. Romo’s class harvested leeks, kale, and rosemary from the garden and made garden pasta. Students wolfed down the pasta. Ms. Riley’s class made a delicious garden salad.sp15.wk13.5NATURE ALERT: I highly recommend heading to the coast to search for whales! The gray whales are migrating north and are close to the shore. Last Wednesday, I spotted at least TEN whales at the aptly named Gray Whale Cove. Check them out!


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