“The slug is escaping!!!”

The second graders searched for decomposers in the garden. Students lifted rocks, split open dead logs, and dug into the soil on the hunt for organisms breaking things down. Once collected, the students observed the behavior of their creatures and shared with their classmates.sp15.wk12.3sp15.wk12.2The first graders continued their analysis of plant parts. Students closely examined stems in the garden during a stem scavenger hunt. They also set up a celery experiment to see what happens to stems that sit in colored water.sp15.wk12.1The kindergartners experienced the joy of ladybugs. Our garden scientists observed ladybug behavior, fed them aphids, and then set them free in the garden.sp15.wk12.7The third graders began their cooking unit by making honey yogurt dip. Our chefs followed a recipe, measured the ingredients, served their classmates, and all feasted in the garden. They even took the time to wash their own dishes. sp15.wk12.4The fourth graders made sushi to celebrate their study of the kelp forest. Students used garden flora to decorate their sushi rolls.sp15.wk12.6The fifth graders acted out the basics of photosynthesis, scientifically illustrated plants, and set up an experiment.sp15.wk12.5Ms. Romo’s class made fried rice! The students harvests, collected an egg from the chickens (!!!), and ate their creation. sp15.wk12.8

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1 Response to “The slug is escaping!!!”

  1. Nancy Flynn says:

    A beautiful and sustainable ecosystem with happy children! Life is good!

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